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Done with Dark Spots

I think no matter what age this is an area that women struggle with. Call them sunspots, darkspots, age spots, they are all the same. Discoloration on our skin that we do not want. There are some medical ways to remove them but we wanted to find more natural ways with skincare products to see if they get the job done.

We also wanted to talk to experts to see what their natural approach and tips would be to rid our skin of the dreaded spots. Here is what we found.

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of your skin’s pigment from external factors like sun, environment and even blue screens and can cause dark spots from acne. The good news is that hyperpigmentation can be reversed and prevented according to Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Ron Moy.


SPF is meant to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays so when it comes to hyperpigmentation, it's a must-have ingredient to help protect existing spots. Daily application of SPF will help shield skin from UV light to control melanin production on a cellular level. It can even help lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation triggered by hormone fluctuations (such as melasma) or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (scarring) by using SPF on a daily basis.

STEP 2: Growth Factor

Dr. Moy's plant-based EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) helps lighten and reduce dark spots by harnessing the power of barley-derived Growth Factors by stimulating your own stem cells to accelerate the growth of healthy skin cells to make complexions act and appear younger again.

FACE-RX by Musely, a brand new way to effectively treat sun spots…it's prescription skincare delivered to your door through an App. Musely’s custom formulations are developed by dermatologists to effectively treat your skin issues without the hassle of time-consuming doctor and pharmacy visits as well as the high costs associated with it all.

  • You simply upload the Musely app onto your mobile device, complete a 3-minute questionnaire about your skin issues and upload some photos of your face that the app prompts you take. Then, a board certified dermatologist in your state will assess your skin, prescribe your personal treatment and stay with you through your skincare journey to track your progress or help with any issues that may arise.

  • Two-month plans runs $60, which is definitely a deal when you consider what it costs to see a dermatologist and pay for prescription medication these days, even with insurance. For more information, go to


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