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4 Healthy Ways to Beat PMS

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Beating PMS blues can be challenging when you are seeking a healthy alternative. More and more women are realizing the power of natural pain relievers and stepping away from aspirin. Simple lifestyle changes can also make a huge impact during that dreaded time of the month. Cutting back on diary, caffeine and refined carbohydrates can help in leveling out the estrogen balance in your body.

Below you will find four of my suggestions next time you are looking for some relief during that time of the month.

Oil Pulling: This daily ritual is known to help remove toxins from the mouth. Although this practice is often done for optimal oral health care it has been shown to help alleviate PMS symptoms as well. Because oil pulling helps to detoxify the mouth and body you less likely to experience severe cramping while performing this daily practice.

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements have started to replace pain relievers like Tylenol and Advil which is great for those looking for a healthier option to alleviating pain. Brands like Rainbow Light contain natural ingredients that help with symptoms typically associated to PMS. The variety of natural ingredients help with cramping, fatigue, water retention, sugar cravings and breast tenderness.

Herbal Tea (Dandelion and chamomile): These teas are one of the best option as they help with bloating and menstrual cramping. Dandelion Root detoxifies the liver and works as a diuretic. Chamomile is caffeine free and a nice substitute for your morning coffee if you are trying to cut back.

Exercise: Not only does a good dose of cardio give you a boost of energy but it helps with controlling cravings, irritability and balancing hormones.

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