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Relax in The Lange, Piedmont Italy


Each day many of us live the routine. Our lives revolve around our work or household responsibilities. When we complete our task then we may have some time for a family activity or ourselves. Most of us will delay for years a significant holiday or time off. We fail to credibly recharge or to spend some recreation time with friends or those we most enjoy.

Well consider this, the routine can be a little less burdensome. There is a way to feel somewhat more fulfilled. We must allow ourselves moments in time to daydream and devise a plan for an exciting journey abroad.The body and mind will find excitement just by creating an intention. “Intentions rule” and often they become reality.

Is it your desire to travel to Europe? Is Italy a destination country for you? For me a holiday or vacation somewhere in Italy is always my first choice. The culture is alluring, the food is sumptuous and the people are excited for our visit. Tourists are welcomed in Italy by the millions each year. Italians are hospitable and just love to guide and share the culture. There is somewhat of a secret out there that you all may want to know. Airline flights from the NY/NJ airports may be less expensive if we fly direct to and from Milan.

Accordingly, if your travel is to the Milan, consider beginning your vacation in the vineyards of Piedmont. That is perfect place to settle and get some serene peaceful days and starry nights. Agriturismo in the Langa and especially in La Morra Italy is “rustic glamour” as described by Donna Macdonald of La Morra Alba, Serralunga, Barolo, and other hamlets of the Province of Piedmont are replete with wineries and vineyards of considerable prestige. The countryside in this region is blanketed with vineyards that boast the DOC and DOCG label of distinction.

Agriturismo will offer a very comfortable farmhouse type bedroom, with clean and contemporary bathrooms and breakfast served each morning. Often the price for a bedroom and breakfast will cost in the range of 85 Euro. When desired the restaurant will prepare lunch and dinner for their guest or local residents as they are reserved.


In Piedmont and the Langhe region the September and October evenings and nighttime air is crisp and comfortable. A visit here is a relaxed way to start a vacation. Piedmont and its “rustic glamor” present Argriturismo at its best. There are vineyard-hiking trails by day or if you wish wine tastings to famous name wineries and quite distinguished family cellars. Once there one can satiate the palate, as restaurants will serve sumptuous regional food, award-winning Barbaresco, and Barolo wines, as well as Truffles to the hearts delight when in season.


Now is the time to treat yourself!


Angelo Del Russo

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