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Tap Your Way To Wellness


I recently started "tapping" or the proper term EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique, in essence it is a way to re-wire your brain as Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution puts it. Tapping simply allows you to take anything like feelings of anxiety, troubles with weight, physical pains or deep emotions from the past and move them out of the body. This is done by using a simple series of taps on the body's energy meridians.

Tapping is a method rooted from Chinese acupuncture. It really gets to the core of our beliefs. It takes things that might be holding us back or troubling us and moves them out of our body and mind. We are able to create a new reality without all the old emotions and broken belief systems.

I was first taught this method by energy healer Liz Donahue. I have used it for days when I feel overwhelmed or when I notice I'm speaking negatively to myself. In just a few minutes it brings a sense of calm over the body. It really allows the clear positive thoughts to come through. I find the easiest way is to find a video on youtube that relates to what I am feeling at the moment. Brad Yates has plenty to choose from. He walks throught the tapping with different senerios.

Give it a try. It is highly effective when done regurally. The best is it requires no pills, no money, just your mind and body working in harmony.



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