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Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs


Whether you are adding it to your smoothies or indulging in an after dinner snack Cacao Nibs are packed with several health benefits like antioxidants that can offer healthier longer life! Cacao Nibs are made from the beans from the Theobroma cacao tree. The nibs are less refined than chocolate liquor or cocoa powder making it more potent in nutritional value.

Benefits broken down:

  • Tons of flavonoid content, so what does that mean exactly? Flavonoids are antioxidants found in berries, grapes and tea. It’s been said to help prevent cancer and brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Cacao beans are great source of magnesium, which aid in muscle and nerve function.

  • They are ideal for adding fiber to your diet with over nine grams in just one ounce.

  • A delicious way to include iron which is necessary in red blood cell production and can offer six per cent of the recommended daily iron intake.

So what are you waiting for add Cacao Nibs to your diet today!

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