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Orgonite Pyramids


I've been really into crystals lately. My cousin Michael was actually one of the first people to give me a crystal. After he filled me in a bit on how they work I started doing more research. I picked up a few more since then. I've found ones that relate to different chakras. Other's that have simply amazing healing properties.

Just this week I came across what is known as an Orgonite pyramid, made up of a variety of metals and crystals. I purchased this one on Etsy shop Jade Energy. I was so excited when it arrived. It's so pretty all the layers of colors. Aside from that, the stones are rose quartz, moonstone, sandstone, pink botswana, agate, selenite powder, and Arkansas quartz. Handmade it in the most basic terms, turns negative energy into positive.

Not to get too detailed but these pyramids have been described as transmitters of universal light energy also known as source energy. It's an excellent piece to have in your home or office. Bring in the good vibes. As Albert Einstein said "energy cannot be created or destroyed you can only be changed from one form to another."


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