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Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Survival Tips

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During the holiday time of year it can be easy to forget what you have been working so hard for all year round...a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Nadia Murdock Fit has shared three sure fire tips for the holiday season that will help you train your mind and change your body even when apple pie and yummy cocktails are at your fingertips regularly.

Remember to breathe: Trying to please everyone, buying holiday gifts and preparing an impressive holiday get together can stress out anyone! Instead of self-medicating with a strong cocktail or a double fudge brownie take a moment to separate yourself from the madness and remember to breathe. If you have been thinking about adding meditation or yoga to your regular routine now is the best time! If you are a chronic worrywart keep a bottle of scented sandalwood oil handy to sniff away the worry. German Chamomile essential oil will keep you calm during any onset panic attacks!

Sneak in the healthy! Try to avoid grabbing that doughnut or cheeseburger when you are in a hurry. Having healthy options handy will help you to avoid the dreaded food court at the mall or the fast food drive thru. Throw an apple or an energy bar in your purse for a quick bite on the go. Another must have is a smoothie, it’s easy to prepare and packed with a lot of nutrients. The Nadia Murdock Fit Kaleberry Smoothie will keep you full and energized to tackle your holiday to-do list! (For delicious and easy smoothie recipes visit the NMFIT Shop ).

Remember to Keep Active: It’s easy to throw your workouts out the window when you have a mountain high to do list. Excuses is one of the number one reasons people fall off track when it comes to maintaining a regular workout routine. Find a way to schedule at least a 10-30 minutes of fitness with an express at home workout, a walk during lunch, taking the stairs vs. the elevator or yoga with the girls on the weekend!

Happy Holidays!

Training minds and changing bodies!

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