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Avoid Overeating with These Foods

Many people suffer from overeating largely due to consuming meals that are unsatisfying and packed with empty calories. There are so many foods out there marketed as healthy but laced with ingredients are not only unhealthy but leave you feeling starved.

The decision to include too many simple sugars and refined or processed flours in your diet (often found in calorie free snacks or frozen meals) will not only leave you feeling unsatisfied but you may also feel sluggish as well. Try adding the foods below to give your meals a much needed makeover.

Super Seeds: Sprinkle these seeds everywhere! Chia and Flaxseeds contain soluble fiber that helps to suppress hunger. They also provide an excellent source of omega’s, vitamin E, and B vitamins. Include them in your smoothies, salads or even on top of your sandwich, you can never get too much of this super food.

Legumes: Offering a good source of protein, complex carbs and good fats legumes can be added to just about anything! Add to your salad for have it as side dish for dinner. Tip: Rinse canned beans thoroughly; the water tends to pack a considerable amount of sodium!

Nuts: Provide protein, fiber and fat. Make sure to keep walnuts, almonds and pistachios handy for the times you may start to feel famished during the day. Think ahead by having nuts readily available in your desk draw at work, your purse, car and gym bag!


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