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Steps to A Positive Body Image

A healthy lifestyle what does that truly mean? If you would have asked me four years ago my answer would be very different than what it is today. Today, a healthy lifestyle for me is making healthier food choices, keeping my blood pressure under control and listening to my body. One of the side effects of the stroke is that if I start to gain weight, my blood pressure skyrockets and I need to adjust my medication, not a good thing. I always tell my viewers that part of loving your body is looking after your body those are certainly words that I live by. Certain days it's not easy, but for me healthy choices is eating a couple slices of pizza not the whole pie. Simple little things that make a big difference your body is the only one you get that is why it is so important to look after it and unfortunately I learned that when I didn't have my body after the stroke. It is so important respect your body and be good to it. I feel this is the start of self-confidence. Look in the mirror look at that body, the only one you get and how many incredible things it does for you every day- be good to it! Listen to it! And celebrate the uniqueness of every curve.


Successful entrepreneur and body positive activist, Sherry Lee Meredith, left her hometown in Canada and she moved to California to expand her rapidly growing business empire in the beauty industry and pursue the American Dream. It was then, at the pinnacle of her career, that she unexpectedly suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving half of her body paralyzed. After months of rehabilitation and inner reflection, this sudden medical scare changed her outlook on life and consequently her career path. She realized that she had a greater calling and needed something that would fill her soul -- this is when she had the idea to speak for those that didn’t have the forum to talk about real life issues and therefore she decided to create a talk show. She would use her life experiences to spread a positive message and inspire other women to feel confident, get healthy and love their bodies.

Sherry has since gone on to become the creator and host of the viral web series, Go Curvy TV, an empowering talk show for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Now entering its 4th season, Go Curvy has over 4 million viewers and Sherry has quickly become the go-to resource for curvy women around the world. The show covers everything from hard hitting issues like cardiovascular disease in women and fat shaming to beauty and fashion tips. Most recently, Go Curvy has begun to bring viewers behind the velvet ropes to some of the most exclusive events in Los Angeles. Go Curvy has featured a wide range of influential guests including, Marissa Jaret Winokur (DWTS), Whitney Way Thore (TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”), Emme (Model), Hayley Hasselhoff and Katrina Parker (“The Voice”).

Go Curvy is determined to give the curvy community a home, creating a place where viewers not only feel welcome, but feel like they’ve been invited. The show aims to help every viewer embrace their curves while living their best life. Because, as Sherry says at the end of every episode - “You're smart, you're beautiful, you are more than numbers on a scale! Live for today, love your body and let’s Go Curvy!

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