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Keep Your Summer Glow

We, well I, spend so much time lathering on lotions, SPF's, makeup etc. that it can take a real toll on your complexion. So, to help combat imperfections and other flaws, once a week I take a night (usually Sunday) out to just tend to my skin. I exfoliate, cleanse and use this charcoal mask from Origins to deep clean the pores and really get it feeling fresh and SO clean. You can see more on this fab mask on and some other ways to get (or maintain) gorgeous skin. With great skin you don't need much makeup, actually the less makeup you wear the more youthful you look. So,with summer winding down and less time in the sun you don't have to lose that coveted glow. I've picked some of my tried and true, paraben free bronzers to help you maintain your fresh, summer glow. And even if you didn't favor basking in the sun this summer you can create a healthy warmth to your skin with these go-to bronzers.

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