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Armparty 101: How to go from daytime sleek to nighttime chic

Want to grab dinner with the girls after a long day’s work but don’t feel like changing your entire outfit? Just slap on a pair of heels, some red lipstick and spice up your armparty and you’re ready to go!

To take your Oriana Lamarca armcandy from a more casual daytime look to a more elegant nighttime look in seconds, start by layering a base armparty of 2-3 bracelets that are neutral colors and can go with almost any outfit. Some of my favorite stones are fossil beige, pyrite and rose quartz, not to mention that rose quartz is the pantone 2016 color of the year!I love the hammered gold and silver accents because they are sleek and simple yet they really compliment the color of the bead so that the color really stands out.

To spice it up for a more elegant look, add some bling and/or darker colors. Adding a darker color stone like a black onyx or black quartz really makes your armparty pop! And of course, who doesn’t like a little bling? Adding some Swarovski accents or pave’ pendants totally complete the look and take your armparty from daytime sleek to nighttime chic. With so many options, there is no reason to leave the house with a naked arm!


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