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Nitya Chandra Jewels

I have a slight obsession with unique jewelry pieces. Finding artist new designers is my passion. So I was thrilled to discover Nitya Chandra and learn about her creative process. She explains how she takes her designs from sketch to gorgeous real life pieces to wear.

How does Nitya Chandra create her jewelry? Nitya Chandra stays true to the classic approach of hand sketches as her first step in the development process. When traveling, she always carries a small sketch book and camera to capture what she finds most intriguing.

She comes home to developing design boards, and mosaics of her most recent artistic expedition. Once down on paper, she works on variety of silhouettes for one concept. There may be sketches of the a similar filigree or engraving in a diverse collection of designs. When there is a need, she works with a silversmith to create the concept to visualize the functionality.

Finally, she works with her factory in Los Angeles to accurately, and efficiently execute a master mold. Together they source trims, metals,and stones. She works with a separate factory in Italy to craft the velvet pouches that are a beautiful reminder that what you are wearing should be treasured.

What inspires Nitya Chandra in her creations? Nitya Chandra is inspired by architecture through her travels. The filigree or engravings have been conceptualized from many wonders of the world.

Sometimes the beauty is in the pattern of a cobblestone, or a mosaic window within a cathedral. There is boldness in everything we encounter. They may be hidden in every day items, and other times, they are displayed and admired. In both scenarios, she likes to find the small details that make its puzzle a whole. Her designs are usually dramatic and evoke statement.

She believes the statement is an artistic expression of the strength we have within us. The jewelry should remind you that we all make a statement, one way or another. Wearing Nitya Chandra should help you express your inner statement.



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