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How to Mix Prints

"The most important tip I can give is to have a color theme when mixing prints. Pick a color that flows through both the top and bottom pieces to master mixing prints with ease."

The Print Size Matters -Don't overwhelm the the look with prints that are big all over or too small. Try a small print on top and a larger print on the bottom Mix it up a bit with different sizes and shapes

Be Sure to Have A Color Theme - Keep it in a similar color family, match colors not prints. Pick up a hue that runs through both prints to tie the looks together easily. Choose two different prints, no more, unless you are super daring and ready to get some attention

When in Doubt Ground the Look with A Solid Color Accessory Wear a pair of tights. Do a simple color pair of shoes Add an solid accessory like a scarf or belt to tame the overall look if you are just getting started.

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