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From Slope Style to Après-Ski

I have been skiing since I was about 5. My parent got me right on the slopes with my very own skies. I have loved it ever since. I recently went skiing over the holidays and finding the right outfit was essential especially when there is Après-Ski.

It is hardly inexpensive to buy all the gear so it was a pleasant surprise to learn the brand Orsden offers high-performance jackets for $330. It is a performance skiwear line delivering premium technical apparel. While living in New Hampshire during her Dartmouth days, current New Yorker, Sara Segall fell in love with what the northern New England region had to offer, leading to a hobby in skiing. One day, while Sara and Steven were shopping for a new ski jacket, the couple had an a-ha moment when they couldn’t find a high-performance jacket they liked that wasn’t over $1,000. There was a void in the market for a jacket that could have the technical performance of a luxury jacket, but still be available at an affordable price point. With Sara’s extensive background in marketing, product development, and e-commerce, the dynamic duo realized they needed to create a direct to consumer skiwear line as a solution to the high priced industry. Post-business school, prior to Orsden, Sara, a millennial, managed global marketing and new product development for mascara and eyeliner at Revlon.

Pronounced orse-den, the name comes from the French for snow bear, ours de neige. The brand’s mythical snow bear possesses a unique combination of toughness and playfulness and that spirit inspires Orsden. Besides incredible quality we love the passion behind the brands founder and supporting new business.

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