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Do Good, Look Stylish

I just recently learned about Goodwill Glasses and besides the cool styles they have I love the story be hind the brand. Jas Kaur, founder and creator of Goodwill Glasses has her own definition of Goodwill, "Do good and look stylish while doing it." The message for her was clear from the beginning, make the world see.

Millions around the world suffer from some form of blindness, for a large part it is due to the fact they don't have access to glasses. Kaus has set out to change this. She is committed to giving a portion of the proceeds for each pair sold to children in need. She says, "every child should be able to see better and feel good about wearing the glasses he/she has.

It always feels good to do good, this makes it easy for everyone to give back, simply by purchasing a pair of cute glasses.

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