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Be Kind

When I was younger I always floated between the “cool” kids and the more quiet kids. I never wanted to leave anyone out and wanted to be friends with everyone. Although that wasn’t always easy at times, I never gave in to the pressure to be "cool." I can be a challenge at times to not be included at the popular table or invited to the weekend sleep over but I am happy to think I was always kind and could genuinely make anyone feel included.

This "Be Kind" attitude continued as I grew up. As I began working in a world that was super competitive and at times catty I was able to quickly distinguish between the types of people who were nice an those who were not. There for it starts young and we need to instill this caring all inclusive attitude in youth.

When I heard about Bloomingdales teaming up to collaborate with the Kind Campaign to "Be Kind" and stop girl bullying. I wanted to show my support. It is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to girl against girl bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies and educational curriculums.

Locally at Bloomingdales, Short Hills and around the country Bloomingdale’s is kicking off activities to celebrate their partnership with KIND CAMPAIGN. During the entire month of August customers can purchase an exclusive capsule collection of women’s t-shirts designed by Girl Dangerous, a brand that celebrates and empowers women, and men’s and kids’ t-shirts designed by Kid Dangerous. Ten percent of all proceeds from the t-shirts will be donated back to Kind Campaign. The eight shirts, priced from $28-$39, feature empowering messages including “Find Your Kind”, “Kind Campaign”, “Cool to Be Kind” and “Kindness is Magic”.

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