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Failure Isn’t An Option

I love listening to podcasts that inspire and motivate me to move forward and continue on the entrepreneurial journey. When a fellow Independent Handbag Awards judge Rana Campbell mentioned she would be interviewing the founder and dear friend Emily Blumenthal for her podcast "Dreams in Drive" I had to listen. It is worth ever minute if you are looking to put your enterprising career in overdrive.

"Failure wasn’t an option. People thought her idea was outlandish. They thought she couldn’t pull it off. They laughed at her audacity. She didn’t care.What do you get when you combine hustle, graciousness, & patience? On this episode author & Professor of Entrepreneurship at FIT , Emily Blumenthal, a.k.a, “Handbag Fairy Godmother” talks how she wasn’t going to take NO for an answer on her quest to do what no one else had done before – build the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. Emily shares how she stumbled upon this passion and the many successes and challenges she faced building the awards show from scratch. She also talks how she was able to nurture and sustain relationships & partnerships that include brands such as InStyle Magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel, Bloomingdale’s, Guess, Timberland, Singer Sewing Company, Swarovski, vitaminwater, Patron and more."

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