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Expert Tips for Caring for Winter Skin

Winter is here, and if you haven't already reevaluate your skincare routine it's time. Especially since our poor skin is so often bombarded by the elements and huge swings in temperature and humidity. Here are a few expert tips we got from Supernatural Body.

1. Watch out for any drying agents especially those you might use on your face. Commercial cleansers and sulphate containing products that may lather up wonderfully well may feel good temporarily because they do such a good job of cleaning but they also strip away too much of the skins natural defenses. When these natural oils are removed the skin can go completely out of whack perhaps producing even more oil. Consider replacing your foaming cleanser for an oil based cleanser like Supernatural Klenz. It very gently cleanses the skin with a carefully balanced recipe of natural ingredients which have a similar Ph to that of your skin’s natural Ph of 5.5. Klenz leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized and will not strip skin of its natural oils.

2. A lot of commercial skincare products also have petroleum based ingredients that will almost certainly dry out your skin. Choose a natural cleanser free of harsh chemicals preferably USDA certified organic.

3. Consider switching from a water based moisturizer to an organic oil based one like Supernatural Bloom. A lot of water based products are held together with more harsh chemicals that make the product feel better during application but are not necessarily helping out in the long run. A natural oil based moisturizer will help create a protective cushion on your skin that retains more moisture.

4. Facial serums are all the rage at the moment because they can really help control skin hydration changes which can obviously be a huge problem in winter. Supernatural Poshen Serum contains powerful antioxidants to help fight the signs of aging and hyaluronic acid to help improve hydration.

5. If winter skin gets the better of you there are many wonderful body oils and balms that will help soothe dry and itchy skin. Consider an organic product such as Supernatural Lavish Body Butter which is a rich and luxurious deep-conditioning treatment for hands, body and face. It contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids to restore elasticity and promote healing.

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