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6 Ways Make Old Clothes Look New Again

We all have items in our wardrobe that are older and might just need a little help to look new again. These are 6 tips to recreate your closet fast.

1. Reinvest what you have. Bring clothing to a tailor to have sleeves taken off of dresses, turn a dress into a skirt, add different sleeves to a jacket, or change to style of pants bootcut to straight leg.

2. Change or add hardware like buttons, chains, or embellishments.

3. Get a good dye job done, turn a white top black or a favorite dress to your favorite color.

4. Remove pilling from knit fabrics. This gadget works like a charm

5. Have clothing professionally dry cleaned and pressed.

6. Salt and vinegar used in the washing cycle can renew clothing and help with a dingy smell and stretched out. ( they won't smell like vinegar) You can also add essential oils to wool dryer balls in the drying cycle to refresh clothing.


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