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Botox without the Botox?

As time passes by, we all face the ever-growing issue involved with skin: stretch marks and more scars. Although past remedies have been attempted, I have found nothing but positive and effective results with DermaClara’s SiliconeFusion patches.

Personally, I found that the use of this product on some of my more long-lasting scars has reduced their visibility immensely in combination with Vitamin-E oil. The Silicone Fusion patches helped increase my collagen in the affected areas, overall increasing my skin’s integrity and elasticity. As a person who struggles with eczema and sensitive skin, the silicone caused me no irritation or discomfort whatsoever.

Clearly, it is the #1 clinically proven, fastest, and safest product to prevent and reduce wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks for a reason! Do your skin a favor and join the over 90,000 women who have invested in DermaClara’s Silicone Fusion.


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