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Crystal Beauty

I am a big advocate of super natural beauty products, crystals and natural oils so discovering the brand B3 made me so happy. They just launched the Crystal Collection, it is infused with natural oils and the healing power of crystals.

I tried the Rose Quartz Oil Cleanser and it perfectly dissolved my makeup which I loved. I like to use one product the cleans and gets makeup off. The rose quartz crystal is known for promoting self-love and calming. After that I applied the Flourite Rejuvenating Facial Oil, it is anti-inflammatory and helps protects against sun damage much needed during the summer. The Flourite crystal neutralizes negative energy and stress.

They also have oil roll on scents the Amethyst Calming Oil Scent is very calming and helps with anxiety during the day and before bed. In the morning I applied the Green Aventurine Rejuvenating Oil which is invigorating and a perfect start to the day to boost your mood.


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