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How I Hydrate Head to Toe

We all know water is the best way to hydrate from the inside out. I like to keep that going on the outside too. Starting with a natural Rose Water Hydrating Facial Mist, I like Cococare’s , the wild rose and aloe, smells simply amazing. Rose water has been known for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging and my skin feels more moisturized after a little spritz. I use it before bed and to give my skin a glow or refresh makeup.

Then after my shower I love 100% Coconut Oil. It is so moisturizing and feels so soft. I do a hair mask weekly with it too. I swear it has helped my hair grow and look shiny. For extra skincare my cousin told me about Cocoa Butter, and the stick is like a little magic eraser, perfect for elbows, knees and stretch marks.

The finisher is Moroccan Argan Oil, literally known as Liquid Gold, it has Vitamin E and fatty acids. I light that it is super lightweight. I use it for the ends of my hair to keep them healthy and massage it into my temples for a little scalp massage.


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