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My Favorite Crystals and Meanings

I adore crystals and their energy. I have shelves of large and small crystals for everything from cleansing to good fortune. I pick one each day based on how the energy feels and carry it with me. They have much more power than you would believe. It is subtle but noticeable when you start to pay attention. I made this easy list of crystals and how they can be used. Give one a try, it doesn't hurt.

Amethyst - Safety, enhanced perception, strength

Rose Quartz - Love, opens the heart, emotional healing

Aventurine - Positivity, stone of opportunity

Citrine - Abundance, happiness, money (carry in your wallet)

Clear Quartz - Manifesting and intuition

Tiger Eye - Good Fortune

Selenite - Cleansing, (place over doorway to keep rooms cleansed)

Labradorite - Intuition, higher-self knowledge


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