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Popular Wedding Dresses Based on Your State

Being from New Jersey we of course have to first share what is trending here. Brides in New Jersey are loving the one-shoulder style of wedding dress. We were surprised to find out this was the most popular dress and had to search out some styles.

We found the research conducted by Planner at Heart analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most Googled wedding dress styles in each American state in the past 12 months.

One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder wedding dresses had the highest number of states searching for it the most, with a total of five American states, including California, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. The one-shoulder neckline trend has been seen at award shows, ceremonies, and all over Instagram over the past few years – the effortless and sexy silhouette is one that many brides are eager to incorporate into their big-day dress.

Rhinestone Dress

Wedding dresses incorporating rhinestones are the second most popular wedding dress style. Four states searched for the style more than any other type of dress, including Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, and Illinois. One of the most memorable celebrity wedding dresses displaying rhinestones was worn by Sophie Turner at her wedding to Joe Jonas in 2019. The Louis Vuitton gown, covered in rhinestone embellishments, was designed by Nicholas Ghesquière and left a lasting impression on fans.

Chiffon, Crêpe, Silk

Tying for 3rd place are chiffon, crêpe, and silk wedding dresses the states searching most for chiffon wedding dresses include Idaho, Maine, and New Mexico. A chiffon dress will forever remain a classic go-to for any bride as the fabric is lightweight, keeping it ideal for weddings being held in warmer climates.

Crêpe wedding dresses create a sleek yet striking look that remains at the forefront of many brides’ minds when choosing a dress. Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon are the states searching the most for a Crêpe wedding dress.

Silk wedding dresses have dominated bridal wear for decades due to their versatility and ease of wear. The breathable and flowy fabric works for any climate because it can both cool and warm the skin simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for either a summer or winter wedding. The states searching most for silk-style wedding dresses are Alaska, Arkansas, and Delaware.

Wrap Dress

This style wedding dress is the most searched for dress style in Mississippi, Missouri, and New York. The sophisticated, playful, and effortless dress style has been a staple in bridal stores worldwide for decades and will remain a staple for years to come.

Slip Dress

The other style of wedding dress that showed the most popular across two states in the US is the simple yet effective slip dress, with its popularity in searches across Arizona and Kentucky.

Puff Sleeve Dress

A slight 80's vibe the Puff sleeve dress come out on top in Louisiana and Washington, and in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Backless Dress

Backless dresses are increasingly popular in Hawaii.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Planner at Heart said:

“The importance of finding the perfect wedding dress can take many hours of trial and error when searching on Google or social media platforms, but for many brides seeing different types of looks and styles on their favourite celebrities, models and women with similar body types is the ideal way for a bride-to-be to gain inspiration and help narrow down what the perfect dress might be for the big day.

This data offers a fascinating insight into which styles and types of wedding dresses brides across America desire the most, as well as showing the significance of celebrity style, current fashion trends and social media and how these factors can influence such a big decision.”


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