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Strut into this Spring Belted!

Fashion—is perhaps one of the most versatile, personable, and ever-changing forms of art that shape society. Recently, I have fallen in love with the latest fashion trend: belts. Not only are they functional, but they provide an extra level of style and fit my outfits, making me feel more confident and look more put together. Here are some of the hottest belt trends for Spring 2022!

Social Belt Typically accompanied with the purchased product, social belts are typically made of the same material as the pants, shorts, or skirts that comes with them. The consistency between materials (and color, typically) add a blend of style and an extra level of fashion to the pants and the look as a whole.

Leather Belt A little stiffer in terms of material and flexibility, leather belts can be accompanied with a larger or smaller metal buckle, either gold, silver, or even rose gold in color. I love to wear my leather belts with my favorite pair of jeans.

Braided Belt I call this one the hybrid between the social and leather belt, providing a tougher consistency/material with a cute accent to embellish to look. Plus, it is versatile in material, the weaving adding an element to resemble a western vibe.

Wide Belt Is it throwback Thursday? Because this belt trend is resurfacing from the 80s! The wide belt is making its way back into the fashion world with a cinched waist and exaggerated hourglass figure. Add this accessory to any of your clothes!

Rope Belt The shoelace belt trend, also known as the rope belt, has been rapidly gaining popularity! Not only is it trendy, but it is easily adjustable and versatile with its colors. Plus, its design is customizable, given the various ways to tie it, enabling you to add your own personable touch!

Chain Belt We’ve heard of chain necklaces… and now there’s the chain belt! Either silver or gold, the chain belt can be added to nearly any piece of clothing, whether it's a blazer, crop top, skirt or even a dress.

Colored Belts 2022 and Spring are all about colors—and this belt trend proves no different!

Belts are known for statements, and the colored belt is sure to grab the attention of an onlooker. Even more so, you have the whole color wheel of colors to choose from!

Belt Mooring To tie it all off (pun intended), instead of a buckle, belt mooring provides a different type of elegant and charming look to outfits. Plus, the hanging sides make for an even cuter embellishment to the already fashionable accessory!

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