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This Bag is a Lock

I recently went to a preview for a new bag collection called Cartwright. My research told me the bags promise “privacy,” but at first I didn’t quite know what that meant.

A conversation with the Chatham-based founders, Janine and Richard Wallace, made it clear. Think of a Ziploc bag to hold your personal items—but with style.

These sweet mini totes come in three styles, each secured with a combination lock. The 8-inch Clam is perfect for brunch with the girls. It will keep your prescription bottles and other personal items safely out of sight. Off to a playdate with your toddler? Toss the 4-1/2-inch Mini in your diaper bag, knowing your CBD gummies and other goodies are secured from busy little hands.

No detail was spared in making these bags. They were designed and engineered by Janine and Richard with a team of designers from NYC, Italy, the Philippines and Amsterdam, including a fashion draftsman, an engineer, a fabric maker and an ergonomic specialist. And the price? You guys, when I found out they are all under $100, I knew Cartwright’s products were literally in the bag for me.


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