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Vitamin C the Ultimate Youthful Skin Ticket

I use a vitamin C serum everyday religiously. I usually apply at night and some times in the morning. It has the power to do so many things, but most important that youthful glow. It brightens the skin, smooths out fine lines and pores, gives a little firming action and absolute radiance. Any skin type can use it. The more frequently you use vitamin C the more results you will see. I notice the days I don't put it on at night my skin looks tired and dry. There are a few in my current rotation.

My number one favorite is Moon Beings Celestial C. It is extra special because it contains blood orange which is naturally rich in polyphenols known to increase circulation & collagen production, ease breakouts, inflammation and improve skin tone. Added Squalane, a humectant base that also protects and improves your skin barrier.


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