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Vacation with a Purpose


I have been a member of Tone It Up since 2009 and cannot express how much I LOVE this community of strong, intelligent, women! Tone It Up is not only a place where women can find fitness videos and recipes but place women can go to relate to, a place where they can be supported, a place for inspiration and motivation. I am constantly referring to their nutrition plan for healthy recipes, tips, workouts and overall motivation to help me succeed at living my best life, so it was no surprise when I immediately hopped on the opportunity to attend Tone It Up’s first ever fitness retreat this year in Newport Beach, California. I suppose you could call it a vacation with a mind, body, soul purpose.

I had the pleasure of meeting (and rooming with) fellow, likeminded TIU girls-so awesome! We spent the long weekend choosing between activities that interested us such as taking a cardio class with the famed Katrina and Karena to paddle boarding, bike riding, yoga, hiking, running, surfing, and playing beach volleyball. Our bodies reaped the benefits of all the different activities when we nourished it by drinking healthful beverages from the TIU nutrition plan and eating wholesome local, organic foods.

Ladies, there is something to be said about letting go of your daily responsibilities of work, family, kids, partners etc. You will not only give yourself the gift of self-care and love, but in return you will be able to give your best self to others. On this retreat I had time to reflect on what I truly want in life, set clear intentions upon my return home and how I want to live life going forward. I’d say best-weekend-ever!

For more on my Tone It Up journey follow my TIU Instagram account handle @ddr_tiu18.

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