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Wisdom 2.0

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The other day I attended my first (and definitely not my last) Wisdom 2.0 conference on Mindfulness and Leadership in Business, and the only word that can describe how I felt after the day was over is enlightened. The meeting took place in an open space in the Altman Building located in the Chelsea area of New York City. The audience was filled with people yearning for social engagement, personal development, and learning how to create a better way of living for those around them, particularly at work. This conference on innovation, mindfulness and purpose- driven work is only the tip of the iceberg to what direction our world is moving in to. People want to be happy and healthy. People want to be happy and healthy at work. People want to make a difference. People want to inspire. People want wisdom. People want connection.

There were so many passionate speakers but one of my favorites was Marie Forleo. Marie resonated with me the most because she is someone who represents the meaning of being multi-passionate and lives it every day. “We all have a unique set of gifts that the world needs.” And if you do not know what your gifts are take action towards anything that puts a feeling of joy in your heart and a smile on your face. Action brings clarity.

Other speakers included Jonathan Rose, President of Rose Companies. Being raised in the construction industry, and then working alongside my dad for many years in it I was especially fascinated by this company’s mission to repair the fabric of communities and how their work touches so many aspects of a community. A part of Mr. Rose’s mission is to design a city for every child and create a generation of extraordinary goodness. What a wonderful mission to have! I was also captivated by the fact that Mr. Rose and his wife Diana Calthorpe Rose are the co-founders of the Garrison Institute. The Institute ties inner transformation with outer solutions to relieve suffering in the fields of trauma, education and the environment.

These are only a couple of the many, many speakers that presented at the conference and who struck a chord in me. If you would to check out the full list of speakers go to the Wisdom 2.0 website and maybe I’ll see you at the next conference.

Wisdom at work and home.

In health & hapiness,

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