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Stay Warm and Stylish

​In the winter, when it gets super cold on the East Coast, the amount of layers we need to stay warm can become seriously bulky. Leaving most of us looking like snowmen, not pretty. I have my top 10 ways to stay warm and stylish without the bulk. It's easy and will leaving you, not so mad at the cold temps.

  1. Wear cashmere, a simple cashmere sweater is the best winter investment; it is super warm and tres chic.

  2. Try tops that are long sleeved with a sight stretchy, which conform to your body. Divine for layering under sweaters and heavy coats without the bulk.

  3. Opt for thick opaque tights they are the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe, and appropriate for the office.

  4. Invest in a thigh length peacoat; it will keep you warm with out a draft. For an even more dramatic fashion forward look try a calf length coat.

  5. Scarves are a perfect accessory with pure style and warmth. You can even leave it on as part of your outfit.

  6. Cardigan sweaters look great paired over leather pants or with flirty skirts. Dress them up with a sweet sparkly statement necklace.

  7. Gloves are so stylish and a fabulous way to keepfingers warm and toasty, try a pop of color with a bright teal leather pair.

  8. Wear your strapless summer dress under a sweater, as a skirt. It's a flawless way to extending a summer wardrobe.

  9. Tall over the knee boots are fantastic in the winter for keeping your legs warm especially since you can wear a thick pair of knee high socks.

  10. Wear a nude fitted camisole under your tops, the won’t show and will add a layer without the bulk.


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