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Skip the Coffee..Drink This!

While perusing the tea aisle in Whole Foods, I came across Yogi Sweet Tangerine- Positive Energy tea. This tea supports elevated mood and energy levels. Usually, when the afternoon slump hits, I have a cup of coffee (black with no sugar), but I found that this tea works just as well and happens to be a bit better for me with 80 mg of caffeine as compared to 90 mg of caffeine in an eight ounce cup.

The aromatic blend of Organic Assam Black and Green Mate along with the floral Lotus Flower and Tangerine flavor this tea def leaves me feeling happy and invigorated! The Tulsi herbs that are infused in this tea are traditionally meant to uplift the spirit and provide energy the natural way. Not to mention, I love how the Yogi brand inspires me through every tea bag with their thought provoking affirmations on the tea bag tab.

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