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Real Apartment, Real Art

Posters were great in college dorm rooms. Department store art was fine in our college apartments. Now, you are a grown up (or so people tell you) and you have a real apartment. Your real apartment is where you sleep (most of the time) where you go after your real job, where you have your real friends over for real drinks. You have real furniture, and it is time for REAL ART.

So, where do you find real art? One of the best places to find real art is at summer art festivals. There you can meet REAL artists, talk to them about their art, have a great experience, and make your real dollars go further. Amdur Productions does the heavy lifting for you. They screen artists who want to be in festivals so that you end up seeing a great diverse array of good REAL art.

What is REAL ART? Real art is made by people. Each piece, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, piece of jewelry, a piece of furniture (think Chris Knight) has been made with love, passion and care by a person who is committed to (and gets off on) being an artist.

What are the kinds of real art? There are a bunch of different categories of REAL ART. There is a broad category called painting…and the subject matter is endless. From super-realistic that looks like a photograph, to abstract flowing colors and everything in between.

There is a huge category called photography, which can be color, black and white, manipulated and more. (Think Shawn Kiefer)

There is REAL jewelry…which is made with LOVE and care by artists who design and fabricate (make) the pieces one at a time. 3D art covers furniture, glass (vases, paperweights, sculptures) sculptures out of all materials. 3D is the art that you can fill your real apartment with. Handmade tables (think Jeff Easley), cool vintage repurposed lights (think Mick Whitcomb)

and amazing wood pieces (think Salem Barker).

How do I know what Real Art to get? Walk an art show, see what turns your head and see what interests you. If the price is right (and think “I’m going to have this for a really long time”) then buy it and love it so that when you come home from your real job tomorrow, you can have a real drink, sit back on your real sofa and enjoy your real art.

-Amy Amdur - CEO & President Amdur Productions

In addition to festivals, Amdur Productions produces city-wide food and music events. For information, please visit, call 847-926-4300, or email Looking for information about a specific festival? Find us online at or visit: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


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