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Affordable Art

You don’t have to be rich to have great art. Paintings, photographs, cool 3d pieces in glass, wood, metal, and mixed media pieces (think collage) are all there waiting for you at the closest juried art festival. Juried art festivals are events where artists had to apply and only the best are invited to show and sell their work. (See for 41 summertime juried art festivals)

On a budget? Most of us are. Art Festivals are a great place to make your dollars go the furthest and find great art that fits your budget. Art Festivals give you a chance to buy directly from the artist. No commission or add-on fees for expensive gallery space goes into the price, so prices are lowest.

Art Festivals feature emerging artists who are looking to build their visibility and the number of people who collect them. They are motivated to sell their art at reasonable prices. You benefit and your purchase may very well increase in value over time as the artist becomes better known.

Artists typically sell their art framed, and ready to hang. While unframed art may at first glance look less expensive, you will end up paying full retail for framing a single piece, much more for framing and glass than the artist did. (Ask me about the stack of unframed pieces I have bought over the years and never framed) Art can be paid for over time. Many artists are open to pieces being paid for over time and will hold the piece for you and ship or deliver it when payment is made in full.

Use your credit card and get miles. Most artists take credit cards. Use your credit card and watch the miles add up.

Need the perfect piece for a special place? Many artists are open to taking “commissions” which is when you give the artist the specific size of a piece you need and the artist creates a unique piece just for you. This puts your dollars into the exact piece you want, not an “almost right” piece that you settle for. So go to a festival, and find that affordable art that you love. You’ll have money left for a bottle of wine to enjoy while looking at your new piece.

Amy Amdur CEO and President Amdur Productions 847-926-4300

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