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Cold Weather Lip Saver

Lip care is essential in winter months. Just stepping outside can leave them chapped and cracked. I have tried many different brands of lip conditioners but have difficulty finding ones with out all the nasty stuff like parabens, sulfates and mineral oil. Golden Door has the #1 winter beauty necessity from the #1 destination spa in the world.

The ultimate lip care pouch includes lip conditioner and lanternshine lip protector SPF 15. The lip conditioning treatment is rich in humectants and vitamins. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to protect and strenghten your lips. It also promotes healing of chapped lips and protects from dryness. This is the key since we are treating the lips not just covering up with balm. The lnaternshine lip protector is an antioxidant, emollient and nutrient-rich treatment that also has SPF 15 which is definately still needed in the winter. It has essential oils, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals which moisturize. P.S. it can also be used for nise, ears and cuticles. love that double action.

The best part about the Golden Door Lip Care Pouch is 100% of the profits go to select charities across the U.S dedicated to transforming the lives of children. A true feel good product.


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