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LTG Q&A with Isabel Bedoya Youtube Star

We are so excited to have Isabel Bedoya youtube star and makeup guru answer our LTG questions. If you dont already know her from her Youtube Stardom, she is also known to her 825k followers as the Instagram sensation, @makeupby_isabel. From Sephora to Benefit Cosmetics, she has collaborated with some of the top beauty industry leaders in delivering her message of beauty, self-confidence and empowerment.

Based in New Jersey, her life in the spotlight is a long way from her Colombian upbringing. An early childhood of hardships forced her to grow up very quickly. Losing her father at 3 years old and having a mother who never really connected with her feelings of loneliness and lack of belonging, which lead to her never feeling content or confident about her own looks. She turned to makeup as an escape from her flaws, but through this journey of self-discovery she came full circle to learn to love herself despite her flaws.

This pivotal moment of seeing makeup more as art than a way to mask who you are is what not only gave her the confidence to shine through, but is the source of inspiration for her reaching out to other young women who may be at a crossroads in their own lives. When she is not creating new inspirational content, she is traveling the globe to share inspirational words of encouragement to other young women. Through having a little fun with makeup, she wants the message of beauty coming from within to resonate with her followers. She is truly the sweetest. After hearing her answers you will think so too!

1. Q. What inspires you daily? A. My son inspires me daily

2. Q. What is your favorite season? A. Favorite season is fall

3. Q. What are 3 makeup items you can’t live without? A. Foundation (Too faced born this way) benefit hoola bronzer and nyx cosmetics lip liner in natural

4. Q. Do you have a daily beauty item you use? A. Chapstick

5. Q. What are the very first steps you took to start your career/business? A. I bought a pro camera

6 Q.Top 5 people you follow on Instagram? A. @Amrezy @Hudabeauty @brian_champagne @desiperkins @iluvsarahii

7. Q. Favorite way to getaway from everything? A. My car and put music

8. Q. Do you speak any languages? A. I speak English, Spanish and a bit of French

9. Q. Where were you born? A. I was born in Colombia

10. Q. How would you describe your personal style? A. Unique

11. Q. Any words of advice you live by? A. Love what you do

12. Q. How would you describe yourself in business vs. your personal life? A. I'm very open in both situations

13. Q. What would be your soundtrack to life? A. Jersey by future

14. Q. Favorite makeup brand? A. Benefit Cosmetics

15. Q. Do you sing in the shower? A. Yes lol

16. Q. Favorite cocktail/dessert? A. Lava Cake

17. Q. What are your 3 tips for getting a wing line perfect? A. Patience is key, make sure to use a tool that is thin in the top, clean the liner up with concealer when done

18. Q. What do you do before you go to sleep? A.Moisturizer my face

19. Q. Do you collect anything? A. No I don't collect anything

20. Q. What do you do first thing in the morning? A. Play with my son

21. Q. Biggest fear? A. Sharks are my biggest fear

22. Q. What are 2 items you always have with you? A. Chapstick, mirror

23. Q. Are you currently reading or listening to anything right now, if yes what? A. I been hearing a lot of songs of Bryson Tiller

24. Q. Who is your favorite beauty guru to watch on youtube? A. @desiperkins

25. Q. What do you miss about your childhood? A. I missed playing with my cousin on our bunk beds pretending the floor was water and our beds were boats

26. Q. What is the best part of your job? A. Spreading my knowledge

27. Q. Do you have a guilty pleasure? A. I don't have a guilty pleasure

28. Q. Greatest invention? A. Best invention would be the beauty blender!

29. Q. Who is your style/beauty icon? A. @Amrezy

30 Q. If you had to choose a different career what would it be? A. Nothing I love what I do

31. Q. Best way you chill out? A. Hearing music

32. Q. Give us 1 secret about yourself? A. I love to cook my life away

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