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Top 5 Travel Essentials

Any chance I get to hop on a plane and take off to a exotic destination, i'm in. A cool way to experience true luxury is renting a sweet villa like this one on HomeAway in South Beach Miami, or, if you’re more into the Spring Break scene, check out what they have to offer in Panama City Beach! There are of course always a few essentials I pack for a quick getaway. Here are mine.

1. Definately a beach hat like this one from Hatattack, fav's are fedora's they cover from the sun and look super chic on the beach.

2. Sunglasses of course. Love affordable styles like these from Fadeddays for the beach, no worry about sand or water and def cool girl approved.

3. A cute beach bag that holds everything.

4. Lip balm from Golden Door with SPF to protect lips from sunburn.

5. A cute cover-up dress. Denim styles from Beach Lunch Lounge are perfect to from the beach in sandals to heels at night.


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