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Over Stressed Skin

I have some simple little things I do to help through out the day and at night to relieve stressed feelings.My beauty routine is always part of the de-stressing, since we see stress first in our skin and hair. In the morning I go without hearing any news. I feel like it will get my day off on a bad foot. Instead I put on some good happy morning music.

I start and end the day breathing in with the Stress Check Breathe roller ball with essential oils from This Works. It is uplifting and subtly calming. The after I wash my face in the morning I apply the face oil to protect my skin through the day with Vitamin C, E and Omega 3. At work I light a candle that has my favorite smell to it like one by Colleen Rothschild.

On My way home from work in my car I listen to music either Sirius XM BPM or I love my Spotify and definitely sing along. It puts you in a feel good kind of mood. At once a week at night I usually do a face mask depending how I feel. Right before bed I spritz my pillow with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I put a crystal under my pillow for sweet dream and fall a sleep a little more peaceful and calm on the inside and outside.

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