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Oversized Style From Tops to Denim

If you haven't noticed already this season, it seems everything is oversized from scarves to tops to denim. It is often a faux pas to wear clothing a size or two bigger since it can create unwanted curves, pounds and overwhelm the body. However if done properly it can look incredibly chic. The answers are here, on how to get that runway style without the bulky look. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, after all it's a bit more comfortable and you might seriously loved it.

Accessories are one of the best items to start with. Try a scarf that is wider and longer in length this way it can be wrapped around a few times. A scarf is also a wonderful transition piece to move from Winter to Spring. Layering is key and a scarf is just the right item to do that with. There is also something very homey and warm about having a scarf that feels like you are wearing a small blanket wrapped around your neck. When it is chilly out wear it to cover everything from the top of your head and neck. When it is a warmer day wear it like a shawl without the need for a jacket.

Now for the wardrobe. Oversized denim is hot right now and can be worn in many different ways. Think boyfriend style that is a little distressed paired with a simple tee. Try a high waisted pair that sim the leg but get super wide towards the bottom and wear with a bodysuit. The key is to find styles that fit with your body shape, not one size or trend fits all. A slim leg that flair out towards the bottom looks amazing on taller figures. While other styles like the boyfriend jeans or fringed cropped hems may look better on a shorter waist. Both are the envy of street style stars right now.

Tops can be a fun item to play with like lightweight knits that fall below the waistlines. The longer length plays well with shorter skirts and flats. A simple “guys” white tee is a “model off duty” look and can hang off the shoulder worn with a cool pair of leather pants.

Biggie sized denim jackets are a thing. There are plenty of Hollywood stars wearing this trend. During fashion week in September this look peaked and you could see the oversized trend in every street style feature. Shop in the men’s section to find one in a light wash, which makes it easier to swing this style. The newest way to wear this jacket and even button down blouses is to button just one button on a diagonal, which makes it look mismatched but you will be totally working the look.

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