Current Favorite Foundations

I have never been the type to wear heavy, full coverage foundations. They feel too thick to me. I like a liquid that covers the imperfections but allows your natural skin to show through a bit. Subtle enough that is almost looks like you are not wearing any.

I switch often between brands but over the past year or two I have been stuck on It Cosmetics CC+. It is definitely a favorite that I continue to purchase over and over again. It is lightweight but covers just enough. It had SPF 50 and I love that. The ant-aging serum is a nice addition to, which makes it feel like I am doing something good for my skin.

Here I talk a little bit more about it and a few others I use for different types of coverage.

Products Featured : Stila Stay All Day in Light 3 It Cosmetics CC+ in Medium, Medium Tan, Tan Beauty For Real Tinted Moisturizer in Medium 1 Pixi Illuminating Tint in Bare Glow Morphe Blender Beauty Blender

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