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Angela Missoni's 5 Tips for Hosting

While flipping through Neiman Marcus's The Book I came across designer, Angela Missoni's tips for being the "Host with the Most" and just had to share.

She is best know for her family's fashion empire of zigzag stripes and colorful knit. Yet, in Sardinia, Italy she personally known for her legendary dinner parties. "Every occasion is fit to celebrate" she says. "Life is too short." Here she shares tips for hosting friends, family, and fashion elite.

5 Tips for Hosting

1. Consider guest flow, " I move around the house, depending on how many people we have. No one wants to go to a party where they can't sit."

2. Set up multiple bars, " I like to set up several drink areas so there aren't any lines."

3. Serve seasonal food, " Change your menu up based on season and occasion."

4. Opt for a main course that's easy to eat. "Keep it bite size. You only need a for for my buffets."

5. Think outside of the box with creative tablescapes. " I like to use objects that are unique, funny, and surreal. I'm a compulsive collector."

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