Velour Track Suit Making A Come Back?

Juicy Couture Tracksuit on Sydney Carlson

Apparently the velour track suits are back and with a slightly more fitted update. Are we ready for this? They are super comfortable and easy to throw. Adidas is one brand among many on board with this trend. They added a cropped zip up for a cool new silhouette.

Juicy Couture was the it tracksuit to have in the early 2000's seen on every celebrity. They are jumping back in the game with their iconic style. The jumpsuit leg is a bit more tampered and they have added some wild prints. Are you here for it?

Puma has literally turned it in to a full on one piece jumpsuit. Not sure about the practicality of it but might be cozy. All in all it seems like the favorite color is deep red for the win.

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