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Manicure Gloves

I get a gel manicure every 2 weeks, like clock work. I love how my nails look and last. I have always given some thought to how the LED and UV lights might be damaging my skin. It certainly can't be good. I discovered these ManiGlovz and thought what a great idea. Protect your hands and still get a gorgeous, glossy manicure, that lasts for weeks.

The ManiGlovz are an ultra chic collection of UV protective manicure gloves that provide the perfect solution for SPF protection.They are made with Protective Compression Tricot and even some with hydrating aloe vera microcapsules. There is no need to sacrifice style for safety, ManiGlovz allows for a fun accessory while protecting skin against damaging LED and UV lights during gel manicures. You wouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen, so why should the nail salon be any different? They come in a variety of fun prints and vibrant patterns, pick your pair to match your mood, outfit or even your polish for $25.

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