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A Skin Digital Detox

I think I just discovered the first detoxing skin treatment I am doing in the new year. Dermalogica has this new treatment call ProSkin 60 Digital Detox. It's launching at select Dermalogica locations nationwide starting January 1st.

The 60-minute treatment goes beyond just skincare concerns by allowing you to completely disconnect, while addressing the skin conditions that digital dependencies wreak havoc on. The touch therapy lowers stress and stimulates lymphatic flow, improving blood circulation to help recapture a healthy, energetic glow. The professional resurfacing targets the hyperpigmentation caused by HEV light and dullness caused by fatigue and stress. All the professional-grade ingredients A, C, and E help accelerate the skin’s natural repair process, switching skin from “defense mode” to “regeneration mode.” A weighted blanket which reduces stress and anxiety by mimicking the sensation of being hugged. Its a complete hour of “down time” (when skin isn’t defending itself from free radicals) which gives skin time to repair and renew itself, resulting in healthier skin and an overall more relaxed state of being.

How absolutely amazing does that all sound? I need it like now.

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