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24 Hours of Chilled White Wine

I love wine, are you surprised. Sancerre is possibly my favorite. I was a red drinker for the longest but lately, I have been all about the white. White means chilled wine and when I saw BrüMate, I knew I needed it, especially since my sister just had a baby and was ready for a glass.

Besides the bottle and glasses being so pretty in the light blush iridescent pink color I got, the reusable, insulated drinkware maintains the perfect drinking temperatures! The Winesulator was designed to fit a full bottle of wine and keep it in its ideal temperature range for over 24 hours, is that not insane?! Imagine that. Your white wine stays cool while your red wine is not affected by heat.

Obvi it's not just for wine, you know when Summer comes around we will be mixing our favorite watermelon juice, lime and vodka for a beachy drink, without it being watered down with ice.

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