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8 Steps to Clean Skin from Head to Toe

Warm, beachy days are closer than you think. Now is the perfect time to get your skin clean and ready to glow. We are literally taking you from head to toe to bare it all or at least show some good skin. Take off the heavy winter clothes and check out our top 8 steps to clean fresh skin all over.

Step 1 - Start with your head and hair. Flip your head over and give it a massage with your fingers and a little mixture of tea tree essential oil and coconut oil. It will stimulate the roots for growth and help bring shine back to your locks. To clean the scalp try an apple cider vinegar shampoo to cleanse and exfoliate.

Step 2 - Exfoliate your face with a gentle cleaner. Don't scrub too hard your skin is delicate. This will remove dead skin and allow new skin to absorb all the goodness of serums and moisturizers. We love to layer on vitamin E oil at night to repair skin and bring back its baby softness. Add castor oil to lashes to keep them long and use a lip scrub to keep your pout so soft.

Step 3 - Remember when they use to say don't forget behind your ears? Well, don't. Ears can become dry and flakey. With a cotton ball dipped in peroxide swipe behind your ears and around. While you are at it do your belly button too. Might sound silly, but you will not believe what you see, dirt can get trapped there. Follow up your ears with another cotton ball soaked in coconut oil.

Step 4 - After the face the neck is so essential to youthful looking skin. Wash it with a cloth the same as you would clean your face. Do an extremely gentle exfoliation with a sugar scrub, mix coconut oil and fine sugar. Rinse, and moisturize.

Step 5 - The chest is in the sun more than anything and sometimes we neglect it. To help clean up the skin of any oils, fragrances or sweat use a simple combination of baking soda mixed with warm water. Massage this on and rinse off. Use a serum as you would on your face daily and a light oil to keep this skin supple.

Step 6 - Don't forget your shoulders, back and butt. Grab a loofah for your back to reach the hard spots and a natural sponge for your shoulders to give them a good clean. Use a mixture of coffee grinds and olive oil to exfoliate your shoulders down to your butt. Apply a body oil after showering to lock in moisture.

Step 7 - The skin on your knees and elbows are so quick to age and get dry, let's keep them young. Use a thick lotion daily to keep these areas soft.

Step 8 - We walk on our feet all day so it's time to treat them right. Pedicures are a must but in between care is essential. Do a simple soak in lavender and epsom salt water for 10-15min. Then use a thick softening balm to keep heels so soft.

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