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7 Words to Stop Using and Start Manifesting

Manifesting is real. I have a little story I will share with you. First it is essential to watch the video below for the top 7 words to stop using if you want to bring "all the things" into your life.

So here is my simple little story that just happened this weekend.

It was a sunny day out in New Jersey, we had rain all week. It was Saturday afternoon and I said I want to grill tonight. I live in a townhouse on the second floor and I am not allowed to have a gas grill. It was later in the day and we had already made a few stops and were back home.

I looked online to find an electric grill and found a perfect one at Home Depot. I couldn't order it and get it the same day because of the time. I said wouldn't it be cool if there was someone who could go get it and deliver it to us in the next hour to cook up some dinner. I wasn't even thinking about manifesting or intending it. I laughed and forgot about it.

Only about 10 minutes later my sister called and said "I have to go to Home Depot to get a key made" I don't even know why she called to tell me this, and she also never goes there. I said do you want to bring me a grill. I sent her the picture and she found it there! In less than an hour I had the grill at my house with veggies ready to go on it. I could have never planned for it to happen that way.

I love how manifesting works.

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