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5 Fashion Tips Everyone Should Know

Some fashion tips/tricks come and go but these are the must know forever kind. Leave us a comment on Instagram which ones you have tried and new tips you just learned.

1. Don't roll a sleeve, fold a sleeve- the best "rolled up sleeve look is attained when you unbutton the cuff sleeve and fold it up to cuff lengths then fold the bottom up halfway and fold the cuff over that.

2. Wrong Bra under Tops - There are so many different bra styles now and even "non-bra's" like silicone covers. The wrong bra under a top can look bulky and distracting from the style of the top. Of course, a bra strap showing is always a no.

3. Think "Fit First" - if it doesn't fit it doesn't work no matter how cute it is. A quick fit, if you can't make it to a tailor, is double-stick tape, iron-on hem and safety pins. These items call all save you in a pinch to fix a loose blouse, shorten a strap, or fix a hem.

4. Think proportions - Don't mix tight with tight. If the top is tight go looser on the bottom and vice versa.

5. Top & Sweater Tucking 101 - Most people will tuck a top in all around which creates bulk in all the weird places. For sweaters use a skinny belt worn high up and pull the sweater over to create the illusion of a tuck. For a top pull most of the fabric towards the back and tuck in.


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