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56 Year's Old and a Bombshell in a Bikini { Laura Geller Beauty Campaign}

I met the founder of Laura Geller Beauty, Laura Geller a few years back at an event and she was honestly so down to earth and wanted to get to know everyone there. Since then we have stayed in touch via social media. She creates beauty products that are thoughtful based on skin type of all ages. She recently celebrate the beauty that comes later in life, by casting Paulina, age 56 in a new campaign. “We want to make all women feel beautiful and worthy whether they’re 19 or 90,” says veteran makeup artist and brand founder Laura Geller.

The new film showcases Paulina in several scenarios looking sexy, experienced and powerful, shattering common biases that are tied to women and aging. Having started her career with Sports Illustrated at age 18 to now normalizing aging in the public eye, Paulina is a brand ambassador that naturally embodies Laura Geller Beauty’s mission.

Since its inception, the brand has championed the value of older beauty—born out of Laura’s devotion to creating makeup for real women. In 2021, Laura Geller Beauty made the bold decision to exclusively feature women over 40 in all of its marketing and social media messaging.

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