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I Had A Radio Frequency Facial

I don't do a lot of facials because I have super sensitive skin and don't like a lot of products on my skin. The facial I had at Transformare Bellezza was different than any other I have had. It used radio frequency waves to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to help produce collagen. The only topical product applied is a gel to protect and create a barrier for the waves to pass through.

The facial was about a half hour and simply felt warm and relaxing. My skin right after was absolutely glowing. The primary benefits of RF facial is to help tighten the skin immediately but most noticeable after 4 treatments. It can also fight sun damage due to its ability stimulate the production of collagen.

I took a before an after video to see how it looked. I spent the rest of the day with no makeup on and loving how youthful my skin looked.


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