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I Had Spiritual Response Therapy

We all have things in our life that we would like to clear out, whether physical pains, anxiety, overwhelming thoughts, trauma or more spiritual generational things. I was recommended to see a Spiritual Response Therapist by an acupuncturist friend. She had been going and said it has been an incredible experience. I never heard of Spiritual Response Therapy and was ready to learn more.

After one session, I knew it was for me. Immediately I felt renewed and a shift in my energy. Many things came up that at the same time were cleared. I booked a second session and have continued to as needed.

So what is it? Spiritual Response Therapy is a way to clear the energy grides of our bodies. These programs, and belief systems, that exist physically, mentally, and emotionally are cleared. Energy is transformed by the spiritual therapist through working with spiritual guides. The energy can come from our past, current circumstances, and other realms. My therapist uses a pendulum over a series of charts, and "talks" with my guides. She then clears negative energies and soul programming that is causing blocks. It brings you back to a clear state energetically. After the session is then up to the individual to continue to do the work, through affirmations, guided meditations, subliminal audios, and even hypnotherapy is needed.


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